Ngcingo Primary School (2016)

Ngcingo is located in Bizana, Eastern Cape, South Africa with approximately 900 learners and 25 educators.  This school has grades 1-9 and lacked a library on their campus.  This is the 3rd library donated in the city of Bizana where the poorest of the poor reside.  Since the donation of the library each classroom is able to have 30 minutes per week in the library in which reading and comprehension is monitored.  There has been such an improvement in reading levels now that literacy resources have been made available to the students and teachers.  The Matthew E. Russell Foundation was able to provide over 650 grade appropriate books, teacher resource materials, 50 e-readers, 4 computers and printers, and a large flat screen television.

“Learning has become much easier with the donation of teacher resources, e-readers, computers, and large t.v. screen.  It has improved reading and comprehension levels.”

Luyanda, Library Assistant

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