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Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. "N/A" is not an acceptable answer.

1. Average Monthly School attendance (the number of learners who come to school each day/month from June - March):

2. Library usage each month (please list learners that come into school library each day and month). Please answer the following questions:
a) Who is going into the library?
b) How often are you using the library each day?
c) Are various grade levels using the library?
d) Are various grade levels scheduled to visit the library weekly/monthly?
e) What resources are being used (computers/printers/e-readers)?

3. Please list and explain any problems during library usage. (i.e., charging e-readers, logging into computers, working with computers, etc.)

4. Who is using library books? Are young learners scheduled to have story time or reading in the library?

5. Have you experienced theft or damage to the library books, computers, or e-readers?

6. What testing is done for learners in order to track or log their progress from grade to grade?

7. How do you determine/test reading levels and reading comprehension per grade level and how do you plan to improve the test scores annually?

8. Would your school have a way to determine the benefit of having the library with improved reading levels, spelling and comprehension tests? Explain.

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